Born and bred in Singapore, I ran off to Hong Kong at the first opportunity. 7 years later, I am still here. 7.5 years later I got my HK permanent resident status and headed further afield – NYC. It was a long time dream albeit 5 years late, married and with a toddler.


I am wife to a long-suffering husband and mummy to a bundle of noise (who knew such a big voice could come from a little being). In between all the travelling (all pleasure of course) and the back-aching-chase-after-the-tod routines, I spend time on Pilates, culinary pursuits, decluttering an overflowing wardrobe and trying doing my best to curb my bag and shoe habits.


I’ve rejoined civilisation at the start of 2013 and am back (re)building my career. Crazy taxes and stupidly expensive daycare aside, I am a lot happier engaging in adult conversations NOT revolving around kids.


2014 brought us a huge surprise; we found out that we were pregnant shortly after the new year. Thank you, long and hard winter 2013-14! And we became newly minted US PRs.


Baby A was born on August 28; bringing massive changes and hopefully double the laughter in our household. And no, there won’t be an accidental third kid!


Family of Four
Family of Four




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