:: BagLady ::  Five on My List

1. The Unicorn bag: Hermes Kelly Lakis (full leather) 

As if getting a Kelly isn’t already difficult enough, the top bag on my list is a derivative of the Kelly. I have only ever seen it ONCE in real life and in black. Pictured here is the Soleil version which is my ultimate unicorn bag! Though I have to say any colour except brown and white will do. 

2. The Holy Grail bag: Rouge Casaque Kelly with GHW

Technically not as hard to come by depending on how big your wallet is. Given that I already have a Kelly, I’m at this moment not too keen on paying over retail for this. Maybe when I get my big fat bonus (hah!) I may be willing to hit up a reseller. 

3. The I-may-regret-not-getting-it bag: Chanel Boy

I have loved the look of it since its 2012 Spring debut. It has since become a staple with season colors and variations to match the reissue and the classic. I almost bit the bullet more than a half dozen times but had stepped away from it. The last time was in Paris in April where prices were cheap relative to the US retail. Chanel has had quality control issues in the last few years and with a BNIB Mademoiselle in my closet, I walked away from it. I fear this may come back to haunt me in a few years! 

4. The Luxe Everyday / Travel: Hermes Evelyne

This is a bag that has grown on me. I never had a thing for crossbody bags until I had a kid; when I realized how crucial it is to keep my hands free! The other day I saw a neighbour dashing out of the lift with the Evelyne and her luggage I fell in love with it all over again. And at the 3.5k+ price point, it’s cheaper than even the boy. Here’s to hoping maybe I can find a colour I love in Vegas in August (shh… don’t tell the husband)! 

5. The I-saw-it-on-someone-and-I-want-it bag: Celine Micro Belt Bag

Not going to lie, this bag wasn’t even on my radar until yesterday morning when I saw a girl on the subway carrying a black version. The top handle makes it a chic workbag and the optional strap doubles its functionality. I had walked pass it so many times in the last month – Celine Paris, Selfridges London, Saks, Celine NYC – and yet never did it catch my attention! 

Bonus!! The Weekend Workhorse bag: Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch

Bigger than my Chanel wallet on chain (or bag on a string as the husband mistakenly called it when he went to Chanel to buy it) and small enough for those weekend trips to the supermarket, kids birthdays, parks, etc. I’m a no makeup person and don’t generally carry a lot in my purse – cardholder, wallet or just cash, keys, lip balm and cell phone – this is just the right size. I don’t know why I haven’t pulled the trigger! 


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