:: BagLady :: The Mistakes

I have always been a more of a shoe girl than a bag lady and only got into the bag game about 10 years ago starting off with a 2007 Balenciaga City in cherve leather.

2007 FW Jaune City

Balenciaga, back in the good old Nicolas Ghesquière days, was my obsession and tPF was the golden source for new releases each season. There was always a mad rush to get the most coveted colour of the season!

Post Hong Kong, I haven’t been on tPF much as I am pretty satisfied with my bag collection. Well there’s always room for my holy grail (Rouge Casaque Togo Kelly with GHW) and that 🦄 (Kelly Larkis).

Through the years I have made some mistakes which were quickly rectified (resold at what I paid and even made some money on a few of them hah). Here are the ones I’m unable to offload; well not without a significant loss anyway.

1. Celine Micro Luggage

I blame the baby brain; this was post Clover and in my favourite colour! Personally I think Phoebe Philo single-handedly made Celine relevant with the luggage totes and for whatever crazy reason I jumped on the bandwagon. This is still BNWT in my closet, if anyone is interested, hit me up and you can have it for 2012 price!

2. Mulberry Alexa

I’m a fan of Alexa Chung and her cool-English-girl vibe. When Mulberry came up with her namesake bag, I jumped at it. I have always liked the Bayswater but felt that it was a little too old for the mid-twenties me. This bag is amazing to look at but too fiddly for daily use. It didn’t fall the way I thought it would which is such a shame. I still have it and when my Balenciaga messenger / hobo bag* goes kaput I will move this back into rotation.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Easy bag

This was when YSL was still known as YSL not some Saint Laurent bs. A few years prior, they released the Muse and then the Muse II. Then this appeared on the radar and at that point in my life it suited my needs while not being as common as the coated canvas LV speedy. I might have used it twice in the last 4.5 years. I am pretty sure you can get a 2nd hand one these days for about $350. Terrible resale value 😦 

Oh well hindsight!

*The bag Kate Moss (my style icon) is carrying in this picture. I don’t think this is the flat brass version which she also has. In 2008, Balenciaga re-released the bag (for a single season IIRC) with regular hardware. I bought it from the George V boutique in Paris! To be honest it sat in the back of my closet for 3 years until I had Clover and realized how useful it was to have a bag that kept my hands-free to deal with an annoying baby!!


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