:: Indulgence ::  Spoils from Paris

We spent a grand total of 26 hours in Paris last week. It was meant to be my shopping jaunt but I wasted stupid hours in Hermes and left with only THREE items! Could you believe that?

Perhaps it’s old age or that I have lost my killer (shopping) instinct. I ended up hemming and hawing so much; I even passed on an amazing pair of H runway heels in natural! I am not quite at the point of spending EUR 1,600 for shoes.

We stayed at a little hotel on rue Saint-Honoré which was a quick 10 minute walk to Hermes FSH. It was also right across the street from Balenciaga but more on that later.

Order of the day was straight to the mother ship after we checked in and the first item on my list. The 24mm belt kit – Sydney buckle in perma brass with an epsom rouge grenat and swift noir strap. Mr. P got a tie for all the trouble. While at the boutique, I also tried on the Kelly belt; I am still kicking myself for not buying that as well!


Next stop, the plush red lounge of Mr. Louboutin’s rue du Faubourg St. Honoré store. I left with the Vinodo 85mm to replace my worn-to-death Simple pumps. Shoulda woulda coulda bought the black pair too! They cost EUR 545 (before tax refund) in Paris and a vomit inducing USD 745 (+8.875% tax) in NYC. Boohoo!



Now to the main event… I wanted to add another Kelly to my collection unfortunately the H Gods weren’t smiling down on me. I went option 2 on my bag list instead.


Introducing the bolide 31cm in veau clemence blue zanzibar.


It is so hard to capture the colour of the bag. I considered letting this go since I already have a blue jean Kelly and a Mykonos Birkin. But Mr. P insisted after we spent hours waiting to be served!  I guess blue is my Hermes colour.


No silks on this trip, not even twillies which I am having major regrets! I have come to realise no matter how gorgeous H scarves are, I can’t quite carry them off :(. I am keeping those I own in hopes that one day (soon), they will work on me.

Till next time!


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