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I cleared out almost 4 years worth of gumpf from my desk and strolled out of the office for the last time on Friday before the closing bell. It spelled the end of an era; I’m the last person from my original 2013 team.

Mr. P asked on Friday evening if I was feeling a little sad. I wasn’t.

Here is why. I have had 3 weeks to say my goodbyes to the people who mattered.  The amount of coffee I drank in 3 weeks was more than the previous 3 years put together! After all that, I was fortunate enough to top it off with farewell drinks on Thursday night where many of my favourite folks came. I could not have asked for a better send off.

I will miss my friends and colleagues, the routine and of course being the go-to-fixer. In this day and age it is not hard and I will keep in contact with the folks I am closest to. It’s not like I am moving out of the country!

I am not sad because I am done with the role; I am mentally ready for another challenge. I wish I could have stayed and work with some of the most brilliant minds and individuals. Oh well, I’m sure paths will cross again. They always do.


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