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I made it official earlier this week at work; told my boss it was time for a change, for me and the team. After 8 years in Operations, I am ready to move out of my comfort zone.

What took me by surprise was the outpouring of appreciation by my traders; they staged an intervention and was fully committed to doing everything they could (within reason) to convince me to stay. It was truly nice to know that there are bigwigs who see what I do and try to do right by me.

I sent a heartfelt thank you note to my trading MD afterwards for his generous offer. But I am sticking by my decision to leave because it was the right role and I have already accepted the offer. My take is  if I, as a hiring manager, would have a different opinion of a person if he/she was to renege on an accepted offer, then the same would apply to myself. Plus I don’t believe in dangling an external offer just to angle for a different role.

In any case, I have nothing but praise for this firm and my time here has contributed to a personal and professional growth. It’s been a good run, plenty of successes (crisis averted), high stress situations, laughter and maybe a little tears.

May I be as successful in the new company and new role!


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