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:: Weekend :: Not in this Lifetime


I have an embarrassing a confession to make: I have been a huge Guns N’ Roses since the early ’90s. My sister, who is 8 years older, was going through a break-up when she brought home Don’t Cry.

I think we must have listened to it 9,999 times on repeat. It also explains why Don’t Cry isn’t my top 5 favourite GN’R songs (traumatised!!). Patience was the reason why I decided I wanted to take guitar lessons at 15.

For a long time, I doubt I would ever get a chance of seeing them live; drugs, drama and all that. I figured Axl would probably be dead before the band would put aside their differences and reunite. While it’s only 3/5 of the original lineup, I’ll take what I can get!

And to have Lenny Kravitz, a bonafide rockstar, open for GN’R was a real treat. Now I am pretty sure a large number of hardcore GN’R fans probably didnt get Lenny’s (who had a recording studio in Hoboken #hobokenrepresent) music, it was still an amazing. Especially when he closed with Are You Gonna Go My Way. (I would have liked if he had performed American Woman!!)

It turned out to be such a fun date night with Mr. P!

When the intro strains of Sweet Child O’ Mine come on, after an excellent guitar solo (Speak Softly Love, the love theme from The Godfather) by Slash (on his birthday no less), everyone was on their feet!

On a funny side note, I think the average age of the crowd was 50. To that point, I was the only one asked for ID in the beer queue, made me feel like a kid again lol!

Next up, we have Adele. The complete opposite end of the spectrum from a concert perspective. I hope she plays at least half the tracks on her ’21’ album!


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