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Shoes…  Appalled at how many pairs of unworn Louboutin shoes I own. No more “browsing” online for a while. And I think I have to hold off on doing an SO for those red patent Pigalle that my little heart desire.

Bags…  Thinking about what to do with the bags I love that I no longer carry but are not highend enough for resale. Looking at you Furla embossed croc shoulder bag.

Food…  We tried a new BBQ restaurant down in Jersey City, Hamilton Pork, on Saturday and were disappointed. The stand out was the spicy slaw and the rub on the pork ribs was decent but it was overpriced ($12 for 3 ribs!). And so we found ourselves at House of Que, one of our favourite, kid-friendly restaurants, the very next day to satisfy our ribs craving! #RibbedOut

Kids…  Cute but total arses sometimes. I’m sure they are made cute just so parents don’t throw them out.

Husband…  He is alright. Definitely the best father ever. He is pretty much defenseless against his girls’ charm. Sigh.



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