:: Jetset :: Annual Beach Holiday

After the craziness of the EU referendum and the lack of sleep, I have truly earned the week long break. This year we are not heading to a new Caribbean island; instead we are returning to Playa del Carmen where we honeymooned in 2009.

After two disappointing trips – St. Lucia and Bahamas – last year, I am ready for something familiar; somewhere that delivers sun and good food. But before the week in paradise, we first have to get through US airport security (oh joy) and a 4 hour flight. It’s not my kids but other grown up passengers that generally bother me!

5 things that annoy me about flying:

Security line. Despite 2,000 signs posted while we wait in the hour long security queue, why are there still people fumbling with taking shit out of their pockets and bags right in front of the security scanner? It’s not as if they did not have enough time to get ready!!

Kiasu passengers. Why do people sitting in the front of cattle class and on the aisle rush to get on the plane first? The seat is assigned so it’s not like they will lose their seat. They end up blocking everyone because there are 2 other folks having to get into the row.

Judgmental passengers. People who shoot dirty looks my way because I have kids who may or may not become nuisance. Excuse me? This is not a private jet. If they have private jet taste but cattle class budget, suck it up! Clover was about 5 months when I flew back to Singapore on my own, there was a “businessman” sitting across the aisle who moaned to his friend, thinking I did not understand Hokkien (I look Malay to most middle age Singaporean cheena beng). Oh how I love the look on his face when I told him loudly in English then Mandarin, “You are in economy class, deal with it. Go get on a private jet before you mouth off about someone else’s child.” I made a few people around us chuckle and the flight attendants (thank you SIA) were amazing and helpful.

Carry-on luggage. It is clearly stated every passenger is entitled to ONE carry-on. Not five. Not one luggage, one handbag, one duffle plus two shopping bags of crap. ONE carry on piece. I remembered years ago Mr. P and I caught an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin, they were so strict with the carry on policy, they made everyone consolidate their belongings into a single bag, else they gate-checked the bags. This should be done by ALL airlines!

Disembarking. I do not understand why do people rush and push pass children or mothers holding babies to get off the plane. Especially if we disembarking onto the tarmac and needing to be ferried to the terminal. The bus doesnt leave till it is full, what is the hurry? This is the most annoying on Cathay Pacific (or any of the Chinese airlines). The clientele are those who would step on anyone, including pregnant women (personal experience mind you) and young children just to be the first one out the door. I truly hate flying Cathay. Unfortunately, that’s where we have loads of miles from when we lived in Hong Kong.



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