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One of our favourite restaurants is Cucharama, a little South American joint down on 2nd and Adams. The first time we had dinner there I wasn’t completely sold probably because it was after a defeating day of apartment viewing (this is what happens in a seller’s market) and the place was packed (the restaurant has a brick oven in the middle of the room and like many Hoboken eateries, space is scarce). 

Even though it was a couple of blocks away from where we eventually bought we never return until just before our move uptown. We have been back a number of times since! 


The nicest touch is the complimentary bread they serve straight out of the brick oven. It is so good with the softened butter (👍🏻since most restaurants usually serve rock hard butter). 

Warm bread served straight from the brick oven

These Peruvian style quinoa crusted chicken fingers taste way better than they look and the kids love it. The croquettes (chicken or rice and cheese) are good but not spectacular. 

Quinoa crusted chicken fingers

Rice and cheese croquettes

The shrimp ceviche is another winner and surprisingly Clover loves this. The plantain chips on the side are so moreish. 

Shrimp ceviche

What Cucharama does best are the corn tamales! OH.MY.GOD.GIVE.IT.TO.ME.NOW. kind of good. For someone who doesn’t like tamales because most tend to be stodgy, heavy and dry (looking at you La Isla), I am a convert having tasted Cuchramama’s. It’s so light and goes so well with the bacon topping. The shredded duck is lovely as well. 

We have tried a couple of their mains; they are good but I would save space in my tummy for more tamales! 

The skirt steak was decent but I generally don’t order steaks, much less skirt steaks (too sinewy and a little fatty for me). The portion was huge, we ended up taking that home and I made a (don’t judge) leftovers-from-the-fridge fried rice the next day and everyone slurped it up! I know, such a travesty. 

Can’t wait for our next visit! 


233 Clinton Street

T: 201.420.1700


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