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Happy Easter! This is the 12th Easter that I’ve spent away from home; I left Singapore on the Easter weekend of 2005. 

Lately I’ve been getting antsy about our status quo and thinking about our next adventure. Three years in the States I think I’m about done. Now the challenge is finding the right role for both Mr. P and I; the difficulty with finance is that there are only so many core locations. 

New York has been good for both our careers and I do most definitely enjoy working here than I ever did in Hong Kong. On the flip side, Hong Kong was fantastic for us financially and not to mention being closer to family. 

Maybe it’s tax season and I die a little looking at how much freaking tax I pay each year for nothing. Healthcare is not free; my kids go to a private school and daycare; and the infrastructure is aging (I pray every day going through the Lincoln tunnel that today is not a day I’m caught in a Daylight-esque scenario). I also get to pay Medicare taxes which I will never see a cent of. So where are my tax dollars going? It hardly benefit the next generation of the neediest! 

In part paying crazy money at a “family” resort weekend have me daydreaming about all those amazing places we can get to from Hong Kong for the same amount of money. Here I am, stuck with obnoxious kids and their overbearing parents and crappy food to feed my kids. How I long for the sights and sounds of Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam! 

And it’s not just Asia that I missed. We haven’t been through Europe since the Summer of 2012. I missed the summer of never setting sun in Stockholm and the Fjords of Norway. Or even the road trip from Cacarssone to Cannes and Monaco to Zurich. London would be an fantastic location for a base to explore Europe with the kids. So many places, so little time. 

So if anyone is looking for a type A, organized, observant fixer (problem solver) in Asia or Europe give me a shout! 


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