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I’m not a big fan of brunch now that I have two bundles of noise because 1) they are awake before 8am it would kill me (or Mr. P since I get hangry) to wait till 11am for my first meal and 2) I cannot crawl back in bed for an afternoon nap after a boozy meal to nurse the food and Bellini coma. 
The other day, to celebrate finally getting rid of the flu bug that decimated the household a week prior, we popped into a new restaurant in town. 

Photo credit: Sorellina Hoboken

I love the decor of the place; so much better than a German bar and restaurant that was in the space before Sorellina took over. 

Of course I ordered a Bellini and Mr. P had their Bloody Mary, which he claimed to be one of the best he’s had in the States. 

Come to mama!

C is photo crazy and wants be in every one

The menu is a good mix of brunch foods and proper lunch items. Call me a cheapskate but I’m no fan of paying $15 for 2 eggs, bits of spinach, mushrooms and toast. 
We started with some salametto picante which the kids loved. Yes I’m one of those bad parents who feed my kids cured meat high in salt. 

Mr. P went for the Baked Uovo *roll eyes*   and I had the winter squash mezzaluna in a brown butter hazelnut sauce. The kids shared a basic spaghetti with butter and Parmesan. 


Mr. P’s eggs was delicious; that marinara sauce was so good. I like my ravioli but a couple of curious issues: 
1) Mezzaluna = half moon. They do not look anyway moon-shaped. These are definitely rectangular if you asked me. 
2) The pasta came out luke warm. Was it because it was waiting on Mr. P’s eggs to be baked before being served? 
In any case I enjoyed my pasta albeit a little pricey ($20 for 6 ravioli!). I reckon their full dinner menu is worth a second shot. 

Sorellina Hoboken



(201) 963 3333


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