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A couple of months a go Mr. P and I made a pact to make 2016 a year of experience; resuming date nights and attending events the city has to offer. After 3 years in New York we finally caught Book of Mormon! 

Last night we left work early and revisted Bin 14

Bin 14 prides itself as Hoboken’s first and only wine bar serving an upscale tapas menu with an extensive by the glass wine list. 


Lovely space

The (early) evening started out well enough. Service was slow even though there was less than 10 people in the restaurant. What Bin 14 does really well is with the wines. We asked for recommendations for a bottle of light, crisp white with a clean finish. Our server was more than happy to let us have a taste of whatever we wanted. Nice touch! 

(Sorry no photo of the wine and I can’t even remember what it was; something Italian.) 

The menu is amazing; there were plenty of options for Mr. P and I considering how different our palettes are. We ordered a warm (room temperature) mozerella dish, along with some bruschetta, a couple of tapas and charcuterie. 


Delaware Fireball and Red Table’s Chet
Tuna tartare, lobster and wild mushroom bruschetta
Tastes netter than it looks
Calamari (so good!)

The wine was good and the food was excellent but here’s what could have been done better: 

1. When we were deciding on what cured meats to order, Mr. P asked if we could try a tiny slice of one of their selection. The server said these were pre-cut and they couldn’t fulfil our request. Seriously? Anthony Davids (my favourite restaurant in Hoboken) had no issues when we popped in for lunch.

Never mind that for $8 per selection, they gave us a generous serving of THREE slices of French baguette (top right corner of the picture). I guess they didn’t want to spoil our appetite! 

2. I’m a pretty easy going diner; I don’t like sending food back unless a) it isn’t what I ordered or 2) it’s done horribly wrong. Mr. P’s shrimp polenta had prawn shells in them. Not good! 

That really isn’t a big deal except we got some lame excuse about how rock shrimps are small so it was hard to ensure they are all properly cleaned. Oh honey that is a whole load of BS. Next time apologize and send a complimentary glass of wine or dessert. 

3. Service was terribly slow. Our server mentioned above that charcuterie was pre-cut. It still took a good 15 minutes before it was brought out. At this there was one other table of two and 4 patrons at the bar. So what gives? 

Will we be back? Yes but probably not soon though. I would rather go have a lovely evening at Cucharamama

Bin 14

1314 Washington St

Hoboken, NJ

(201) 963 9463


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