Bub Talk

:: Littlest :: Eighteen

Oh A it’s been 1.5 years since you came into our lives. And what a ruckus you have made! You are such a happy bunny (most of the time)!
Thank God you were an easier baby than your sister; 8-hour stretches of night sleep from 8 weeks and eventually 11-12 hours from 12 weeks! You love food (bit pickier these days) and your bottle (sigh we have to transition you out of it NOW). You have very little stranger anxiety (C used to give everyone the death stare) and possess such an endearing vulnerability that you are truly 人见人爱.



How can you say no to this face?

Now on the flip side and maybe because you are the baby of the family, you are loud and absolutely fearless. Perhaps you know people eventually cave!
What you lack in stature and speed, you make up for in noise. My goodness do you have a pair of strong lungs! You are very blessed to have a sister like C who loves you so much. At the grand old age of 5, she usually gives in to your deafening, banshee-like demands.


Adoring big sister

You adore your sister in the way an annoying younger sister usually does; copying her every action. I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery? You are now able to pronounce her name (it’s more like Ko-ber but we get it) and she is the first person you ask for when you wake up. I hope you two will love each other this much forever and never let any quarrel get in the way of this sisterly bond.

Something else we need to discuss: the concept of boundaries does not exist with you. At 18 months, your darling sister knew what and where these are. A look from me would stop her in her track. You instead look, smile and carry on with the naughty act! You think punishment is funny 😣. (Doesn’t help that Daddy can hardly keep a straight face.) You need to wise up soon or you will be in the naughty corner a lot!

Your father is in so much trouble with the two; all wrapped around those little fingers of yours and C. He is so in love you two!


Little A, stay healthy, loud and happy. You are always loved!




Mama xoxo


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