:: Jetset :: EWR-HKG-SIN

singapore 2015
Mr. P at the Alive Museum in September 2015

It looks like I am going home for the summer after all. A couple of weeks ago, Cathay ran a hard to ignore deal flying out of the U.S. to Hong Kong which is why we shelved our West Coast plans for yet another year. The total costs of our flights from Newark to Hong Kong came up to just under USD 2,300.

As much as I diss Cathay (I hate their customer service), I have flown all over the world with them for free* over the last decade. Cathay Pacific American Express is THE card for those living in HK; the number of miles I earned from sticking everything ranging from utilities, phone and internet bills to doctor’s visits on the card is astounding.

 More good news: C and I have enough miles to cover our HK to Singapore flights; no thanks to the 20,000 miles from our trip last August / September. It’s pretty cool that my 5 year old has enough of her own miles for the redemption (30,000 miles, she has 16K from our 2013 Asia trip). I would need to rejig our Amex miles for Mr. P and A’s flights.

Now I just have to go plan our 3D2N getaway (from the kids) while we are in Asia. I think Angkor Wat is calling my name; Cambodia would be our new country this year!

*I always feel that free is a misnomer, every mileage redemption is still subjected to tax and airport charges.


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