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:: Career ::  Moving On Up

Guess who is now officially a VP in a tier-1  bank?


Celebratory drink (first of many)

Comp(ensation) Day was Thursday. It was also when the promotions were announced. While it’s not MD or Partner nor my job scope changing drastically, it is still an achievement; a culmination of a very hard year’s work.

Various people who went through the promotion process with the firm told me if you can make it in our firm, you can make it anywhere and that success would taste so much sweeter. Admittedly, at some point in the process I felt it was lip service, some management kool aid. After 12 grueling months, I made it across the line. As cliché as it sounds, people were right.

Success is a combination of abilities, being at the right place, timing and support (sponsors). I am not going to lie, there were sweat and tears (and almost blood when I did feel like throttling someone). I cried at work for the first time* in 9 years of professional life. It was a period of upheaval, loss, stress and a lack of leadership and guidance. It was probably the hardest 3 months I have faced. Thankfully there were people who believed in me (thank you long-suffering husband!), who worked really hard for me and who put their reputation on the line for me. Words cannot express my gratitude.

I have grown, I have stepped up, I led and I learned to ask for help. There is still work ahead as I continue to work toward being a better person, a greater leader.

For now, I celebrate.

*I did almost cry the first year I went into banking when I missed the quarter end cut off to release almost $1,000,000 worth of adjustment; my trader had to file a P&L mis-statement incident but they still love me anyway. Well at least they didn’t fire me!


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