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Here we go again. Despite what I said about staying put for a few years after we bought our first apartment, we are on the move again (8 blocks up the road!!). This time I’m not saying anything about not moving because if  we don’t leave the US, the Burbs is in the horizon (2018).

It’s scary looking at the next number of boxes we have during the move. Do we really need all these stuff? It’s hard not to succumb to advertising, social media and sales mailer. Much harder in the States with free returns and shipping.

Read this the other day. I’m inspired. While I won’t be attempting something as drastic, I’m going to limit my clothes and shoes purchases.

I have embarked on this; we were at Woodbury over the holiday weekend, I turned down Mr. P’s offer of a new pair of amazing Chloe booties (marked down to 65 from 500). Can you imagine a shoe-aholic like me turning down comfy, full leather black booties? Mr. P did ask if I was ill.

I have TWO pairs of brand new Louboutin booties sitting in the closet there’s no reason for the purchase. And if I am to teach my kids not to spend frivolously, I need to lead by example no?

On the dresses front, it’s going to be more difficult. I love me some Kate Spade and Club Monaco. But God was helping; the KS outlet (60% off store wide) had NOTHING. This is the first time when I had absolutely nothing to buy in KS!

And just the other day I received $60 sending items that no longer fit or I-don’t-know-why-I-ever-bought-it to ThredUp. This will be my new dresses money.

I suppose what I want t achieve for the second half of the year is to be more mindful of buying stuff; spending only on necessity and experiences (travel, activities).
Kids, they don’t need stuff. What they need is our time, being outdoors (hello apple picking) and physical activities.

And maybe we can buy a 3rd place for rental. Here’s to building a property portfolio!


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