Bub Talk

:: Littlest :: Milestones


A week ago I posted the above on my Instagram. 


Someone forgot to give Ava the holiday memo; in St. Lucia little missy has hit a number of milestones at the same time! Her little head is not coping very well with the new skills and knowledge. This translated into multiple wakings all week. Coming from “the good baby” who let us sleep through the night since 10 weeks, I’m ready to give her up for adoption. 

It’s the most tiring week I have had in a while. I suppose it could be worse – having to work in a zombie-fied state instead of chilling (as much as you can with a spirited 4 year old) on a tropical island.

A week before she turns 8 months, Miss A can now flip, sprouted her first tooth, said “mama” for the first time yesterday and is starting to crawl. Oh and she now (like finally) enjoys baths and swimming! 

Well done littlest! Can’t wait to get you into toddlerhood. 

P.S. I’m must one of the few, if not only, mother who doesn’t think her baby is growing up too fast. I still truly dislike the baby stage.


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