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:: Jetset :: Saint Lucia

We are away in Saint Lucia for the week, after what felt like a year (it’s not, only 2 months) since our Disney-Miami trip. 

It’s been too long since I was on a beach holiday; made an amateur mistake and I’m a little sunburnt!! 

The resort pools are great but accommodations, not so much. 真的是一分钱一分货. This trip is almost half what we spent last year in Dominican Republic; when we arrived, I understood why. Story for another post. It could be worse I guess. 

On an unrelated note, Ava has cut her first tooth, has started flipping, is learning to crawl (the moving backwards stage) and is now more into feeding her self (grabbing and shoving) then puréed food.  All while we are on holiday!!! 

Some pictures of the girls playing together this morning. Clover really is an amazing sister for a kid this young! 



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