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:: Life :: Bump

I seem to have hit a disequilibrium of late.

Maybe it’s all that daily rushing around; feed baby, pump milk, get dressed for work, get C ready, drop the kids off, get into work for a role that’s somewhat foreign to me, pump milk, get back home to see the kids, feed them dinner, eat (more like shove it down in 5 minutes flat), put them to bed, and lights out for me.

Or the season; short days and frigid temperatures DO NOT sit well with a Singaporean (snowy winter is lovely and all if I get to stay indoors with hot cocoa and no kids).

Perhaps the lack of me time; ALL THAT NOISE from C, from A and from Mr. P ALL THE TIME. It makes me want to give it all up and run away.

I am losing sight of what I’m fighting for, working toward. I am tired, so very tired.


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