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:: Littlest :: Happy 4 Months Ava!

Four months!
Four months!

What a month it has been for our littlest!

Ava started daycare 3 days after turning 3 months, 2.5 weeks before my return to work. True to her easy nature, she took to the new environment and faces without much fuss.

One of the first days in school
One of the first days in school

:: Eating ::

This month Ava had to drink from the bottle at daycare; surprisingly without much protest (thank God). She had major gas issues the first week mostly because she was hardly bottle fed (babies take in less air when nursing). We had the teachers give her gas drops with each feed; she became better with expelling the air after a week and a half.

These days she nurses twice a day (morning and before bedtime) and drinks around 5oz, four times a day in school.

:: Sleeping ::
I hope I don’t jinx it by writing this down: early this month, Ava pretty much started sleeping through the night. She goes down around 7pm for 11-12 hours!

She takes 3-4 naps a day and when we are lucky one of those would be a glorious 2-hour long one. When the stars are aligned, that long nap coincides with Clover’s which means family siesta!

:: Physical Development / Notes ::
Ava is still not flipping. I guess it’s not a big deal given that Clover never bothered with this skill either. She can hold her head steadily and her back is getting stronger. We are sitting her up (with support) a lot more. She sometimes kamikazes forward with excitement, which is awfully cute and funny!

She also seems to be teething; we could see a touch of white at the bottom front of Ava’s gums. Oh the drool! And all that finger chewing, you would think we were starving her. I really don’t remember Clover being such a drool monster; then again she got her first tooth only at 11 months.

Unfortunately this month she caught a stomach bug from school; she diarrhea for the last 3 weeks! It had just about cleared up when she was down with a proper cough and cold in the week between Christmas and New Year.

Good news is she’s just about fully recovered. I pray that she will stay healthy through winter and beyond!

In a too small onesie
In a too small onesie
All smiles for mama
All smiles for mama
Clover and Ava (who is devouring her fingers)
Clover and Ava (who is devouring her fingers)
Love her smiles
Love her smile



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