:: NYC Eats :: Dominique Ansel Bakery

I live in the city that gave the world Cronuts. I have always wondered about the fuss but I’m not one who would get up at the crack of dawn to queue for TWO cronuts (that’s the walk-in limit per person) at Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Guess what? There’s now a preorder site; nothing fancy, has crap bandwidth and is only live once a week on Monday at 11am until the allotted quantity sells out.

One of the last thing I did before the end of my maternity leave was stalking the site on a rainy Monday while the kids were in school. I managed to purchase six (limit per person per preorder) for pick up today (Dec 28). Almost a full 3 weeks after paying $5 plus tax per cronut!

Mr. P, who doesn’t really do sweet pastry, said, “At that price they had better be sensational!”


My verdict:
It was very good; fluffy, airy layers and not sickeningly sweet like most donuts. Unfortunately December’s flavour was Valrhona dark chocolate and raspberry (I’m not a fan of raspberry). How I wished it was March’s milk and honey.

I had to queue for 30 minutes even with the preorder because of how the bakery splits up the lines – one for walk-in cronut orders and another for preorder and other pastries. There was only one cashier per line. The cashier handling the preorder and other pastries line was so darn slow. She was not helped by the tourists who couldn’t make up their mind after missing out on cronuts.

While I understand that the cronuts are meant to be enjoyed fresh and shouldn’t be packed up too far ahead of time, the preorder time slots are hourly it would be so much more efficient for them to ready the orders for pick up maybe just an hour in advance. Alternatively have those who preordered cronuts AND no other purchases step right up for collection.

In any case I won’t be making a return trip anytime soon. Well unless I can successfully make another online preorder (they were sold out by 11.30am the last time) and have someone else do the pick up hah!


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