The Irmingers

:: Weekends :: Tree Shopping

This Christmas marks our third in the U.S.; time has really flown by. Clover loves Christmas and surprisingly it’s not because of presents (she gets two presents tops). To her, Christmas involves of picking out a tree, decorating it as a family and of course Santa and his reindeer. Perhaps it’s because I hardly take Clover out shopping as an activity, she doesn’t have a tendency to ask for gifts. Right scraped that, she was watching Peppa Pig and asked for a “bunk bed when I am 5 years old so I can sleep on the top bunk and Ava can sleep on the bottom.” (She really really loves her sister.)

This year, when we asked what will she request from Santa, it came right out, “A train set.” And she did not change her mind; not even once.

One of the things we did with while my sister was in town was to go buy a Christmas tree. Boy, was Clover excited all through breakfast and our grocery run that morning. This year because of the added baby paraphernalia, Mr. P was allowed only a 3-foot tree (we’ve always had 5-6 foot trees). Clover also helped pick out a wreath for the front door.

Amongst the midget trees as Mr. P calls them
“Is this it Clover?” asked Yiyi
Here’s our tree
Dada the hero
Dada the hero
Getting ready to top the tree
Getting ready to top the tree
A red star!
A red star!
“Dada go get the baubles!”

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