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I drove the kids to school today!!!

Okay it’s nothing big to shout about for most, it’s a major accomplishment for me. Growing up in Singapore (back in those days) there was never a need for a car. I attempted to obtain my driver’s licence while in university but didn’t get further than passing the basic theory test (didn’t even bother to sit for the advance theory test).

For some reason I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to tackle the hilly Hong Kong roads and get my licence there! Well that was 7.5 years ago.

Th last time I drove was back in 2009 when we were in NZ which has more sheep than cars on the road. It wasn’t by choice; Mr. P was caught speeding by an unmarked police car (hidden in the shrubs I reckon) passing the only car we saw in 2 hours of driving down a straight and seemingly infinite road. His licence was immediately suspended for going 30km over the speed limit.

I still remember the officer asking if I had a licence!

That was over 2 years since passing my driving test and I had to drive across NZ to Christchurch along winding mountain roads, narrow bridges and railroad crossings; all of which I had no experience with. We managed to get to Christchurch scaring Mr. P and scarring me for life!

Anyway fast forward to having 2 kids who go to school uptown (Ava starts in December) and winter approaching, I had to get my act together and convert my HK licence to a U.S. one. While the route from home to school is lovely 20 minute walk with 2 parks along the way, it’s not something I want to do in the dead of winter!

With my mum here, I went to the MVC early one morning to take the knowledge test and thankfully there was no need for a road test. Unfortunately I procrastinated for too long and couldn’t get in any driving practice (I need it especially I now have to drive on the other side of the road) before she left.

Mr. P watched the kids for 2 hours for the last 2 Sundays while I went for my much needed lesson. Yesterday I was finally brave comfortable enough to take to the roads with everyone in tow. I drove us to the Asian supermarket along an NJ state route. Mr. P thankfully wasn’t as vocal about close-shaves as he was 5 years ago hah!

This morning I did my first solo drive and we all survived! Another time later today for school pick up, I hope it goes smoothly as well!


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