Bub Talk

:: Littlest :: Happy 2 Months Ava!

All dressed up at 2 months
All dressed up at 2 months

I am working on getting these out on time if only the bub would take her naps at the scheduled time and place (i.e. not my arms).

:: Eating :: 

We are down to 6-7 feeds a day (7.30am, 10.30am, 2pm, 5.30pm, 7pm and 1-2 times between 8pm to 7am).  I am not sure what her weight is but as my sister puts it “look at those arms and thighs”. Nom nom nom!

She loves her boobies and is exhibiting signs of bottle rejection. She will, however, take the bottle if she is starving or semi-asleep when Mr. P feeds her at night.

Bottling is something we have to work on in the next few weeks.

:: Sleeping :: 

Still not napping in her crib 😦

I spent most of the week trying to put her on a schedule and moving her to the crib with mixed results but I shall persevere. Her night sleep is fine (touch wood) even if some nights she is a nightmare to put down. Once she is in, she is starting to do 4-6 hour stretches (7 hours on a couple of occasions).

:: Physical Development ::  

Ava smiled properly toward the end of her first month; in the last 4 weeks she is smiles and coos a whole lot more. Ava is most delightful to be around first thing in the morning and she loves it when Clover talks and sings to her. She is starting to notice her hands and when I bring her close to the mirror, she stares at the reflection. I am pretty sure she isn’t sure what the heck she is looking at.

Her neck is really strong now; she loves being held upright. Of late, she likes it when I stand her up (holding her under her pits and semi-supporting her neck) and “complains” when I set her down on the play mat or against a pillow on the couch.

I moved her well baby appointment to next Tuesday (well it’s a big weekend, we don’t really want to deal with post-vaccinations grumpiness), we’ll find out what the PD thinks then.






Ava @ 1 month


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