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:: Littlest :: Happy 1 Month Ava!

A whole month late, but better than never right?


1 month old
1 month old

满月 or full month marks the end of confinement for both myself and Ava. Given that I have school runs to deal with and Ava has her well baby appointment, photoshoot and passport application, we didn’t really abide by the main confinement requirement (not leave the house!!).

As you can see I am far from traditional but now that I have kids I think some of these Chinese traditions are fun to introduce to both kids. Since my mum was still here, I got her to make red eggs to mark the day. Clover had a lot of fun peeling and eating them (she is back in an egg phase).



:: Eating ::

Ava is feeding about 8 times daily. Other than the first week where I supplemented before my milk came in, she has been on breast milk and mostly nursing. She is a little sleepy on the breast but with my ample supply, she is putting on weight (unlike her skinny monkey sister which had me worrying all the time back then). There were a few times when she spat up from overfeeding. Oops.

She wakes up to feed 2-3 times a night.

:: Sleeping ::

It seems I have a non-sleeper (AGAIN). During the first 10 days, she was fairly good with napping in her crib. But the last 2 weeks, she had “woken up”. Since my mum is still here and Clover is sleeping in our room, she has been sleeping on the couch at night. Not great but we don’t really have a choice. I don’t want to wake my mum up every time we have to feed her.

Unfortunately, my mum we have been carrying her a fair bit.

Arms make the best bed
Arms make the best bed


:: Physical Development :: 

Not much to report here; she is generally healthy (other than a slight stuffy nose at 2 weeks old thanks to Clover) and the PD is happy with her progress so we are good. I have to say she is one noisy baby. All that grunting and wheezing (newborn reflux due to immature gut) can rival Monica Seles!

Ava loves to be held upright and in the last few days she is starting to lift her head off our shoulders for a few seconds at a time. We haven’t been too diligent with tummy time per se but the holding her upright definitely helps.

So that’s that. We survived the first month!

15 days old
15 days old


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