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Ah… Every new mother’s favourite damn if you do, damn if you don’t topic. First, there’s the decision to breast or formula feed followed by whether to nurse or express and bottle.

With A I nursed and supplemented with formula in the first week of her life, we then moved on to exclusively (cue eye roll) breastfeeding with Mr. P or my mum bottling her at night / when I am out.

How did I get sucked into the express train to hell being food on demand? Again! Damn the mummy guilt. Should have stuck to my original plan of 6 weeks only!!!

Anyway, with my mum gone and Mr. P at work, A is starting to exhibit signs of bottle rejection. Not that I blame her, there’s nothing better than warm milk on tap. She can smell milk on me, it’s hardly surprising she hates taking the bottle from mama. After three awful mornings trying to bottle A, Mr. P and I are at the nursing crossroads.

We went through this with C (I nursed C for 21 long months, I have done my time), I’m determined to nip bottle rejection in the bud. In 8 weeks I have to return to work, there’s no alternative this time. And so we will be hiring a baby nurse for a few hours a day until A becomes a champ at the bottle while I am out of the house.

Here’s a confession: I’m less sad about losing a bonding avenue than wasting my more than ample supply this time (oh the money saved and convenience).

I hate it when nursing nazis use emotional blackmail by citing bonding. It implies that women who don’t / can’t nurse aren’t as close to their children. It is also a disservice to fathers and their bonds with the kids!

I digress.

There are at least 10 litres of milk in my freezer. That’s me expressing only 2-3 times a day (more to prevent mastitis than anything) and throwing out a fair amount of thawed milk not drunk within 48 hours.

Logistically I can’t be bothered with pumping at work and the nature of my job does not allow for pumping twice a day. Also, with an almost 4 year old demanding my attention, I don’t really want to waste the limited evening hours before bedtime breastfeeding A.

I suppose the plan is to wean off the boob in 4-6 weeks and stop pumping by the end of December. That should still keep A fully breastfed until 4-5 months old.

I pray that A won’t put up a big fight against the bottle!


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