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:: Motherhood :: First days as a foursome

They say it takes a village…

Unfortunately after 6 weeks of having an extra pair of hands, my village mother has gone home.

While we had our differences (mostly relating to confinement practices and baby carrying), it was a much more enjoyable time for my mother and I. I would like to think I have learned to be a better daughter and mother with no. 2. Perhaps I have mellowed with time (and experience)!

Other than having my mum’s company (can you believe it was the longest stretch we spent together in 9.5 years!!), the most enjoyable thing of having her around was all that homemade goodness. I love love love confinement food (by that I mean all that ginger and scallion, I don’t do 猪脚醋).

Last Saturday, we began life as a (standalone) family of four. I don’t think many people understand how difficult it is to handle a spirited 3.5 year old and an almost equally challlenging 7 week old with ZERO help and no easy access to healthy-ish food (e.g. hawker centres and tiffin delivery). In 8 weeks, I have the added transition of going back to work full time (hello 11-12 hour work days). Not to mention, WINTER IS COMING!

The weekend went by in a flash; Clover had her ballet lesson and since we bought a monthly pass to the local college pool, Mr. P took her for hour-long swims on both days. We also managed lunch out at Elysian Cafe. Ava, for the first time ever, slept in her crib both nights; allowing Mr. P to head out for a swifty on Saturday evening!

The real test came yesterday – school runs and nap trainings. I am so proud of Clover who was on her best behaviour for both drop off and pick up. We even painted at home after school.

Ava was a stark contrast. She hardly napped and to prevent us from congratulating ourselves too soon, she would not go down in her crib last night. Argh!! I really hope last night was a one off. I’m not sure how much of this we can take.

This morning Mr. P dropped off Clover; she was again stellar. I then went in for her lesson observation with Ava who thankfully slept in the manduca. The proud sister was off telling everyone about her baby ❤️.

I now have the task of bottling Ava and more nap training today. Wish me luck!

Our outlook for the rest of the week? Challenging to say the least. There’s bad weather (rain, wind and low temperatures) on Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. P has to head to Baltimore for a work trip on Friday at 5.30 am and his train comes in only at 6.39 pm. I need prayers (and a bottle of wine) to get through the next three days!

I ain’t misbehaving, just misunderstood

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