Bub Talk

:: Bubba :: On Repeat

My cheeky, happy bunny

I’m starting to sound like a broken record; I’m so so proud of C the big sister.

(And it’s best record moments like these before they are at each other’s throats when they get older.)

This morning I popped A on our bed next to C who was just waking up. As I cuddled C, I asked, “You are mummy’s girl and A is daddy’s girl?”

“No. Ava is MY girl!”

C is so in love with A

I do not known a 3.5 year old who has not once acted out against the younger sibling not treat her with disinterest.

C first thought after mama and dada is Baby A. When I pick her up from school, she automatically asks after baby. When we eat ice cream, she says, “When A is older, she can share with me.”

It has only been a month since A came into our lives and yet C has made it seemed as if A has been a part of us all along (as in the last 3.5 years).

It is so amazing to watch C with A; no words can sufficiently describe what we witness everyday.

I pray to God their love for each other will only grow stronger and sustain them through the good and bad times all their lives.



Our family of four
Mummy’s girl

Pictures from Andrea Friedman Photography


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