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:: Motherhood :: No. 3?


There is a “How many kids should you have?” quiz making its round on Facebook. I took it, received a result of ONE and promptly tagged Mr. P. He ended up with THREE.

Uttering one of Clover’s frequently used phrases (of late), “NO WAY JOSE!!”

I truly, truly hate the infant stage. As mentioned earlier just when we were almost out of jail, we jumped right back in.

There’s no more travelling light; I can’t pop out of the house carrying just my wallet and keys as I have done with C for most of 2014 (she potty trained herself earlier this year). These days it’s all diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothes, nursing cover, muslin cloths, baby blanket (it’s Autumn now). And on longer trips, a bottle just in case Baby A doesn’t want to nurse. #FML

Not to mention I feel like I’m under house arrest at this point; scheduling my day around the baby’s feeding (and there are many) and nap schedule. My boobs are in pain when I wake up in the middle of the night and I smell like sour milk half the time!

I applaud mothers like D and P who make being a mum of three look so effortlessly chic. I am, unfortunately, not one of those Mrs. Put-Together. Sigh!

There most definitely won’t be a Callen or Kayla (those were the names I picked for no. 2 until a) we found out it’s a girl and b) C wanted Ava) in our lives.

P.S. My 5-8 year goal is to be senior and make enough money for Mr. P to be a SAHD. He is a better stay at home parent than I am and he is so patient. Plus he actually doesn’t mind doing that and can teach them Latin!


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