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:: Weekends :: Last Summer Weekend of 2014

The Autumnal Equinox is on September 22, which made Saturday and Sunday the last weekend of Summer.

Unfortunately, Clover came down with a slight cold and cough (likely due to the changing weather). We skipped ballet since as I didn’t want her to pass it on to other kids in an enclosed space (and make me look like an irresponsible parent!).

On Saturday, we headed for a quick supermarket run where she somehow managed to pick up a box of cupcake mix when she was supposed to grab only a bag (or 3) of mini baking chocolate chips. (Note to self: do not let Mr. P grab stuff with the kid.)

We ended up baking cupcakes and making our own frosting after her nap time.

Licking the buttercream
Decorating her cupcakes
Et viola

The next day we headed out to Hillsdale, NJ for some apple picking fun. While Fuji apples were listed as ready, I think they could use another couple of weeks on the tree; it was too early in the season to find sweet Fuji. We came home with a bag of 16 apples which were a little too tart for my liking. But as Mr. P said, it was more for the experience than anything else.

Clover enjoyed it thoroughly and we printed a picture of her with the apples to bring to school to show her teachers today.

Helping daddy with the apple picking pole
Where is Clover?
Enjoying her spoils
Obligatory wefie
In the pumpkin fields
Apples AND pumpkins


Apple Picking Deets:

Demarest Farms

244 Wierimus Road,

Hillsdale, NJ 07642

$5 per person which includes hayride to the orchard (walking is to and from is prohibited)

$9 per bag of apples

The farm also has a store which has homemade apple cider and apple cider donuts (plain, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar). The also serve burgers, bratwurst and hotdogs on an outdoor grill.


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