Bub Talk

:: Bubba :: Oh my heart!

Oh darn you postpartum emotions… I feel like crying every time I lose my patience at little C because I have hurt her. I really need to work on my patience even when I’m flustered and racing against time.

I forget what a grown up 3.5 year old she is; and one with a lovely, sensitive soul. She is stoic like her father (ah that stiff upper lip thing) but I know she is extremely empathetic – she feels everything.

We went for ice cream yesterday; just Clover and Mama. I left my phone at home so it was just us at the park eating ice cream and chatting. We even sang and skipped home.

When we reached home, she was independently playing, chatted with her 婆婆 and gave her sister and me plenty of kisses and “I love you”s. It goes to show what benefit a little quality time does for her.

This is a timely reminder I must be patient and make sure to spend quality, one-on-one time with my beautiful first born. She is my heart!

My beautiful baby
Back when you were little
wefie smiles
“I’m bored now”

2 thoughts on “:: Bubba :: Oh my heart!

    1. Hang in there… I feel like crying every time I think about how “bad” I have been to C. She is going through massive changes too and being 3.5 (going on 20), I need to be gentler and kinder with her

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