Bub Talk

:: Littlest :: When will we get there?

Snuggy bug

Newborns are such back breaking work. The past 4 nights have been horrid; we have been unable to put A down at 7pm in the crib.

I blame it on gas. And I have tried EVERYTHING – we made sure to burp her multiple times during feeding, we gave her tummy massages to help her fart, we added probiotics into her daily single bottle feed and have just started her on gas drop. If things don’t improve next week, I will have to cut out dairy 😦

When will we get to the four magic words – sleep through the night? At this point I think no grunting and a single feeding works for me too!!

I cannot believe it’s only been 16 days since A’s arrival; can we get to 6 months already? I want this time TO FLY BY.

(Please don’t tell me to “enjoy this time because it passes so quickly”. I do not have the great fortune of easy babies so it makes me want to punch you in the face. And believe me when strangers say that to me in the supermarket / playground / on the street, it makes me homicidal. If I could hit a fast forward button, I would. Give me two / three year old tantrums any time.)

Mr. P goes back to work on Monday, I’m definitely going to miss his company and the extra pair of hands. Oh and I pray that A’s gassiness will sort itself out (sooner rather than later), hopefully before the husband’s work trip. Keep us in your prayers!


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