Bub Talk

:: Bubba:: Why?

A big note: C has been incredible as the big sister. My little sensitive big girl is feeling the effects of needing to share our attention but she has bravely soldiered on. She’s been 200% loving with baby A; kissing her, hugging her, petting her and wanting to hold her all the time.

Sleeping baby… if only it lasts! (She woke up 2 secs after I took the photo)

1. Why is it that I have babies WHO REFUSE TO BE PUT DOWN?

We are seeing the PD in the morning, if A is healthy and her development is on track, I think I’m going to let her cry it out in the crib. I really don’t know how long of this “holding the baby all the freaking time” I can take.

2. Why does A fall asleep on boob so easily?

Unlike her sister who would feed with eyes wide open, A seriously gets glazed over and falls asleep. She’s not as efficient at nursing at C. And believe me, I have tried everything to keep her awake!

3. Why did we decide to do it all over again?

C is at such a fabulous age now, where it’s not the end of the world if she misses her nap. This meant we could get out and do so much. It’s also much easier to travel with her these days. When she naps during the weekends, it’s a glorious 2-3 hours. She pretty much potty trained herself.

Just when we are “getting out of jail”, I cannot believe we are doing it all over again. Especially when I have such strong, negative feelings about the newborn (make that first 6 months) stage. ARGH!

Daddy with his girls

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