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:: Littlest :: Birth Story

For posterity, here’s what went down (and out hah)…

Wednesday morning, August 27, I woke up with with what felt like slight menstrual cramps. From what I recall with C, this was likely a sign of pre / early labour. I went about my day; took C to camp and then login to work remotely, distracting myself from the pain.

By about noon, the pain has intensified. I told Mr. P he should clear his calendar for the next day, we were most definitely having the baby on Thursday if not earlier. And boy was I right! Like her sister, baby A is another wee-hour-in-the-morning baby. Mr. P come home early to take C to the park and spend some quality time with her.

We told C that we might need to leave the hospital in the middle of the night and that she shouldn’t be afraid if she woke up and didn’t see us. Unfortunately, much as I wanted to put her to bed before heading to the hospital, I couldn’t. The pain (with my very low tolerance) was getting unbearable (and Mr. P didn’t want a Lincoln Tunnel Baby).

C started to cry. I held her tight and explained to her that “mama was in pain and we need to get Baby A out. You need to be the brave big sister. Dada can come and pick you up to meet A in the morning.” She held back the rest of the tears and offered to draw me a picture so I “don’t miss me too much”. That really tugged at my heart strings and I had to fight hard to not cry!

So… Like C we didn’t have a birth plan, except to labour as long as we can at home.

We arrived at hospital at just after 11pm, checked in and was assigned a fantastic L&D nurse (shout out to Jennifer at Lenox Hill). I was at 4-5cm dilated (yay half way). I didn’t bother being gung-ho; I asked for an epidural ASAP!

Unfortunately, in the US, I had to finish an entire bag of IV fluid before I could be given the epidural. That was a LONG 45 minutes. But once the marvel of modern medicine has taken away the pain, I got my sense of humour back and we settled in to watch Rio.

When my OBGYN, Dr. Stevens, got in, she checked that I was almost 8cm and broke my water. We didn’t get to the end of the movie because it was time to push.

3 tries and a 6lbs14oz Baby A was born at 1.56am on August 28, 2014.

That’s not too bad, both kids out in less than 3 hours at the hospital. Here’s my only tip: labour at home as long as you can, don’t go to the hospital too early.

5 minutes after Ava was born
My little shriveled up bub
A garden gnome?
The darling big sister

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