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:: Bubba :: To my darling Clover

My little tomboy princess

Dear Clover,

My precious first born, we had a rough start you and I. There were many dark days and nights because I wasn’t ready (and no one truly is) to be so needed by a helpless little being. And you, well you were just doing your best to adjust to the strange world around you.

But I think we made it; we made the best of it. I know I’ve been unfairly tough on you, too strict, too impatient. These I’ll work on improving.

You, my darling, is such a clever little thing; so eager to learn and absorb everything around you. You were never the sleepy baby shown in all those prenatal / postnatal / parenting paraphernalia. Your eyes (and lungs) were wide open from Day 1.

You never bothered with flipping (gosh the anxiety it caused me) and went straight to tripod sitting (the world does look better from a “higher” perspective, doesn’t it?). One day you just sat up on your own like it’s the most natural thing.

You were an early talker; verbal ahead of developmental milestone charts. Your first word was “mama”, actually it was more like “mamamaaaa”. Perhaps because you knew if you call out mama, someone would come tend to you immediately (you are quite a manipulator babe).

The funniest incident was when you were 9 months old on the night before we were due to fly back from New York. You ate THREE (no joke) little fruit loops cereal, spent all night bouncing off the hotel room walls and for the first time very clearly said “Dada”! Your father was highly amused and delighted.

We must have done something right with you. I love that you are so happy and affectionate all the time. You shower us with hugs, kisses and “I love you”s without any prompt from us. You love cuddles and tickles more than anything. Your 姨姨 says it’s so evident that you know are very loved; your quiet confidence and the joy you exude.

In the last 2 years you have grown so much. You taught us a big lesson in resilience. We relocated and took you away from friends you knew since a few months old. I went back to work full time and left you in a strange environment for long hours. Just when you made new friends and started to enjoy your daycare, we moved again!

We take heart in how you have blossomed in the new school. You have become more outgoing and an absolute chatterbox (like your dad). You are a wondrous mix of a girly girl who lives in dresses, loves purple, ballet, singing and dancing and a tomboy who loves climbing, picking leaves, rocks and petting all sorts of reptiles (and animals).

You are not entirely aware of the massive changes in the coming weeks. I’m certain you are the best big sister anyone can have. It will take time to establish a new routine for the new foursome but I have no doubt you will lead the way Miss Bossy-pants 🙂

Know this: your father and I will always love you and support you no matter what. Everything we do is out of love for you with good intentions even if we didn’t / don’t achieve the desired outcomes. We will always be your safe habour; your loudest cheerleaders. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




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