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:: Littlest :: Week 38

35.5 Weeks Photo by Matt Stefanidis

I will be 38 weeks on Thursday. Still no baby in sight.

This is officially my last week in the office, though I will be working from home until I pop (in order to enjoy the full 16 weeks maternity leave after the baby arrives).

The sister commented this morning that I must be the hardest working pregnant woman around; the fact that I still work a fully loaded 10-hour day (we don’t do 1-2 hour lunch breaks unlike in Asia) this close to my due date. Well I’m pregnant not an invalid! Plus I genuinely enjoy my work.

I supposed I am truly blessed with both my pregnancies. I was never incapacitated by morning sickness and have been generally healthy barring a couple of seasonal coughs / colds. With no. 2 I did have a scare which landed me in the emergency room one Friday night; it was because I didn’t have enough fluid resulting in a mild case of bladder infection.

For both pregnancies, I think I’ve taken a grand total of TWO MCs.

C has been pretty healthy and happy since her case of pneumonia at the start of the year which definitely helped. I’m also thankful for the small mercy that our babysitter was 100% dependable and helping with school pick-ups for the last 8 months.

These are testaments to God’s graces; I’m not sure how we would have coped if my pregnancy symptoms were worse or if C was constantly ill. Or needing to deal with childcare issues.

I guess what’s left right now is to pray for a smooth, quick and safe delivery. I hope we don’t have to be induced or worse, an emergency c-section. I pray for a happy, healthy child. Clover has been good as gold with my pregnancy, I pray she feels the same when she meets Baby A.

Please keep us in your prayers!


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