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:: Hoboken :: A Mini Photoshoot at Pier A Park

I was in 2 minds about doing a maternity shoot for no. 2 mainly because of prohibitively high costs; here most photographers do not include digital files for their services. On average a single soft copy could cost anywhere between USD 20-50 and some only allow you to print up to a 5x7cm. That’s crazy if you ask me.


Another reason is I am 10 lbs (yes TEN-FREAKING-POUNDS) heavier than my last pregnancy. Not entirely sure if I want to capture that for all eternity.


Any hoodle, I was on a list-serve and came across a post for a mini session with Captured by Matt right here in Hoboken.  The cost was reasonable (USD 150) AND we get 30 digital files with full print rights!


After the hugely disappointing shoot we had last September in Singapore to the tune of SGD 450, practically anything will be an improvement (including setting up my own camera on a tripod). I am not sure if it was the heat and humidity, there was at most 5 usable photos from that shoot. That’s a post for another time when my mum brings over the photo cd.


I know my daughter, she is a little Tasmanian devil, it’s hard to get her to “pose” (more like keep still) for a photo. That said, I love how everything turned out. Here are some selected shots out of 40 pictures we received from Matt.


Bump, Clover and Burrito
Family Pic
Upside down tickles
Clover and her favourite stuffed toy
Unbridled joy at the simplest little thing – throwing leaves
Mama kisses are the best


Fun with Dada
This is how we hang
Mama cudles
I love this picture, how crazy happy she looks!
Running around
Bump shot
How we usually finish off our weekends with our favourite ice-cream truck/seller



Once again, a big thank you to Matt Stefanidis for the lovely photos at such an affordable rate. I think we might have to make this photoshoot thing an annual event!


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