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August has finally rolled around, I am 35.5 weeks along and this means in a month (or less eek!) we will get to meet baby A.

– C is very excited to meet her sister and has been an absolute joy about becoming a big sister. She has offered to share her toys, clothes, books and told anyone who would listen “I am having a baby sister and I will help change her poopy nappy”. A year ago, I would not have believe it if you told me she is ready for a sibling.

– I see my OBGYN next week and will be seeing her weekly going forward along with the dreaded cervix examination.

– We have a hospital tour scheduled today; I am in 2 minds about stumping up USD 500 for a private room since I would only be there for 2 nights.

– We are almost done with shopping for the baby. Very thankful that we received an unexpected discount for the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ (yep the one that we can use from birth). Also managed to purchase a top rated infant car seat for USD 106.99. Now I just need to break out my Medela Freestyle and see if it still works. Else I will have to call my insurance company for a new pump (PISA, because Freestyle is considered premium and I am too cheap to top up $ for it since realistically I don’t know long I will / want to breastfeed for).

– We received the good news that Baby A’s infant care spot is confirmed in C’s school / daycare and we start at our desired date of December 2014. The infant room was previously full and was only available in May 2015 (!!).

– Work wise, I am in the process of off-boarding my responsibilities. My boss is out until August 11 but at least my maternity cover is in so I am doing my best to cut down on daily tasks and do more “managing the team”. I am also considering returning to work part-time from December so I can extend my maternity leave through January. This is of course subjected to discussion / approval by my manager and HR.

– Mr. P’s mum gets her in 1.5 weeks, which means if I do go into labour we will have someone to help with C.

I suppose in the next couple of weeks, it’s time to launder all the baby sheets, blankets, clothes, etc.


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