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C has always been a mama’s girl from birth; she has a special smile for me, her first word was mama (though I think it’s more the case of when she says mamamama some – well me mostly – will tend to her) and no one can soothe her or make her happy like I can. When Mr. P and I left her back in 2012 for a week long trip on our own, she gave me the cold shoulder as punishment until she was satisfied that I was remorseful and had learnt my lesson (in her mind anyway).

Mr. P flew off to the UK for a work trip after the Independence Day weekend and we were both surprised at how much C was affected by his absence. When he called, she would cradle the phone and speak to him, gave him (well the phone) lots of hugs and kisses and proceeded to bawl her eyes out when he hung up. It was awfully funny to watch.

C missed her Dada so much, she stayed up to wait for him on the Friday he was due back. For the entire week after, she was 85% Daddy’s Girl. She would not let him out of her sight, would only have him pander to her whims (“Dada do it” was the no. 1 phrase the entire week) and would want a billion hugs and kisses at bedtime.



Saturday morning after Mr. P got back


It was absolutely amazing to watch (and a well earned break for me yay).

Only Dada

Shoulder rides are the best mode of transport

After 3.5 years, I think we have reached parenting equilibrium – she is now pretty much equally a mama’s and daddy’s girl; well most days anyway.


Face painting treat from Dada
Face painting treat from Dada



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