:: Home :: The Girls Room (WIP)

We spent the Independence Day long weekend running errands and sorting out the kids bedroom with C being a wonderful little helper.

– Mr. P assembled the free crib we picked up the previous week.

– Mr. P and C painted our black/brown Ikea Expedite white. (Did you know Expedite is no longer in production and replaced by the Kallax which has thinner sides?)

Earning her keep as a painter



– We finally got around to putting up the wall decals I bought last year before we moved to the new apartment with placement input from C. (King procrastinator here!)

Up inspired wall decals

– We bought an Ikea Brimes pull out daybed (converts to a king bed) with storage for C in preparation for move to the girls room on her 4th birthday (yes currently she co-sleeps with us).

It’s still a work in progress, there are a few bits and bobs to finish up plus I still have to purchase bedding. We are aiming to complete this by the end of July (we kind of have to!).



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