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:: Littlest :: Shopping List

Since our relocation here and having to move 3 times in a year, I have been working on conscious living;. In other words, consuming less. When we moved to our apartment last October, I gave away all of C’s baby stuff – convertible crib extensions (we converted it to a full bed, binned the crib parts), mattress, change table, infant car seat, Inglesina pram, play mat, and a whole load of barely worn infant clothes. We had no plans to add to our family.

Murphy’s law and a long, hard winter (what else is there to do right?) changed all that. I guess second time around we can differentiate between necessities and waste-of-money items. I have set a very “ambitious” target of not spending more than USD 1,000 for all of A’s baby items. That is a small chunk of change compared to what we wasted on C’s stuff!

Here’s my very concised Baby Shopping List

Crib and mattress we picked up a free one (score!)

– Pram (this might bust our budget since we are going for the BabyZen Yoyo)

– Infant car seat

– Feeding set

– Newborn button-front tops / onesies

– Swaddles x 4

– Fancy crib bedding (waiting for Labour Day / Black Friday sales)

Sterliser (we will get this for free using Hilton Honors points)

Breastpump (covered by my insurance if the old one doesn’t work)

At 31 weeks along, the only item checked off is the crib and mattress because I made Mr. P go pick them up FOR FREE from a family who was moving. It saved us USD 260+tax (cost of the Ikea ones we were eyeing) off the bat and will hopefully keep us within budget even with buying the Babyzen.

With Mr. P travelling to the UK for work in a couple weeks, his dad visiting the week after and not wanting to clutter up the apartment, I told him we should only start shopping for the rest of the items in the last week of July. Let’s hope we get to pick up some good deals on the remaining items on my list.


3 thoughts on “:: Littlest :: Shopping List

    1. Actually we are looking to get the new 0+ range which is different from the 6+. Else I can definitely get my mum to lug it over and just buy a new pink seat set!

      Is Hunter growing out of the Zen?

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