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Some time back, a colleague, a British transplant, gave us the idea of having work sponsor our green card application in order to give us more security. I wasn’t overly keen since we have zero roots here but having bought an apartment, it was the smart thing to do. On Mr. P’s work visa, if he gets laid off, I have to go too since I am on his dependents visa. It gives us 2 weeks to leave the country (or something like that).

Work signed off on our request last year but between buying a place and moving we didn’t get around to filling up 10,000 pages of paperwork till this year. Once that was done, we were told to expect a processing time of up to a year.

Just 2 days ago we received an email notification that while our petition was approved, the processing of the actual cards would need 2-3 months. We were pleasantly surprised to receive our Green Cards in the mail yesterday, making us permanent residents here in the States. Yay!

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P.S. The annoying thing about my Green Card is that it has a picture of my 6.5 month bloated, preggers face!

P.P.S. On a lousy separate note, I’m down with suspected UTI and have been in pain the last 2 days. Hopefully this will clear up before tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I’ve got a fair bit of mugging to do before my regulatory exam on Monday!


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