:: Jetset :: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Part II

We spent 8 days doing absolutely nothing more than chilling, eating and sleeping. There is a huge mall right next door to the resort grounds, but we didn’t bother making a trip. We were there to relax, not shop.

The weather was mostly sunny saved for a couple of passing showers. It was during our Caribbean trip last year that C truly understood the concept of a holiday; she has pretty much looked forward to this beach holiday since we told her back in March.

The 8 days were pretty much paradise for her; swimming before and after nap time, ice-cream for desserts and cake for mama’s birthday!

Lounging in the Baby Pool


I thought C would be interested in the Kid’s Club at The Reserve which looked pretty awesome; there was a daily movie, outdoor play area and in the afternoon the caregivers take the kids out to the pool for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, she did not make use at all. As she said, “I want to go to the pool with Dada!”

Mr. P was her favourite playmate all week!

Father and Daughter at Gabi Beach


We were asked to attend a Vacation Club blurb in exchange for a USD 30 resort voucher. Since we had all the time in the world, we did. And for being a good sport, we bought C an alligator float with part of the voucher.

Meet Ally


A couple of days into our trip, C decided that she wanted to take her afternoon nap poolside. It meant she got to jump straight into the water from the moment she woke up.



During this trip, we introduced C to the concept of room service. She went “I want room service” when she woke up every morning. We only made it out for breakfast once out of 7 days. It was really cute the way she said it, though she did sound like a little prima donna.

Mr. P had called ahead to ensure the hotel did something nice for my birthday. By chance, we were booked into what turned out to be our favourite restaurant in the resort. Not too sure about the deco but there were balloons (mostly for C’s benefit) and a cake.  The meal itself, at Aqua, was fab. The shitake risotto with parmesan chip was so delish!

Happy Birthday Mama!
Mama & Bubba


After 8 wonderful days we had to go home. The best thing though is that we ended up with a 2-day weekend (because I forgot Memorial Day Monday was right after our trip) when we got back Stateside; it meant a short work week to get over the post-holiday blues.


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