:: Food :: Homemade Chicken Rice

No offense but the States is a little bit of a culinary graveyard for my Singaporean tastebuds. Maybe it’s because I have not live in Singapore for almost a decade that i crave anything and everything Southeast Asian; rose tinted glasses effect perhaps?

Of late I’ve been cooking a fair bit partly because the Asian restaurants are not quite up to par. We went to Laut (a one Michelin star Malaysian restaurant) on Mother’s Day and was somewhat disappointed.

C at Laut

One dish I make fairly often is Hainanese Chicken Rice (especially now that I have found frozen pandan / screw pine leaves). I’m Hainanese and I speak the language. My parent use to sell Chicken Rice at a coffee shop in Bukit Timah. Safe to say if I can only eat one dish for the rest of my life this would be it.

Chicken on the stove

On my lazy days, I start my dish with the Prima Taste pre-mix (it’s not bad except I don’t use the dark soy and chili sauce; those are not up to par). When I cook from scratch I don’t really have a recipe I work off of; it’s pretty much intuitive given that I have grown up watching my mum make chicken rice all my life!

A decent recipe I found is from Steamy Kitchen.

I don’t usually use a whole chicken since I don’t like dark meat neither does Mr. P. A good substitute is boned-in, skin-on chicken breast.

Dinner is served

One of my secret ingredients is a good quality thick dark soy sauce with a tinge of sweetness. Mr. P always has 2 servings and C finishes her healthy portion as well. I suppose that means I’m doing it right 🙂

Magic sauce

2 thoughts on “:: Food :: Homemade Chicken Rice

  1. I find that the best authentic asian restaurants tend to be in queens/flushing and probably Chinatown though I don’t go there that much. I’ve heard that Malay and Taste Good Malaysian restaurants in queens are pretty good. If you want thai, queens has numerous thai places with Sripraphai being one of the most popular.

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