Bub Talk

:: Bubba :: Ballet

At the start of the year we introduced C to ballet; I signed her up for a 40-minute princess ballerina trial class (for 2-3 year olds). C enjoyed it but the class were mostly filled with younger 2s which meant it was fairly chaotic.

The following week we asked to check out the older pre-ballet class (for 3-4 year olds), which suited her better. We knew she would thrive in the older class as she always gravitated toward older kids.

C had her first recital last week; she and her fellow ballerinas were so cute on stage. The best thing is she absolutely loved it; even asked when she is dancing on stage again.


This week we started summer lessons with another ballet school; a more serious, foundation building 8-week class. She came home and declared she much preferred the new class.

Next week is the last class with the first ballet school (there’s a 2-week overlap of classes between the 2 schools), I guess we she will decide next week which one we are signing up with for the upcoming year.


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