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:: Life :: Maxed Out

Disclaimer: Woe is me post ahead, shut your browser if you want to be critical.

I’m 23 weeks along and nursing a crappy cold-hacking-cough. On Thursday, Mr. P is off to Baltimore at the crack of dawn for a work trip. 2 hours away and for only 2 days, how bad can it get?

Well, here’s how my day looks / will look…

6am: Out of bed and into the shower
6.20am: Get C’s breakfast and an afternoon snack for school ready.
6.35am: Wake C up, get her dressed and ready for school
6.55am: Out the door to school
7.05am: In school, set up her breakfast, sit with her for a while.
7.15am: Catch the bus to work
7.35am-6.30pm: NONSTOP work with maybe a 10 min break to pick up lunch. We all eat at the desk, no such thing as lunch out or whatnot.
7-7.15pm: Finally home but no rest for the weary. Time to get dinner ready for C and I; eat and clean up after
8.30pm: C is off for a shower.
8.45pm-9.30pm: Bedtime routine. I’ll usually conk out with her or before her (sometimes I have to stop our conversations because I’m so tired that I’m dozing off; this girl can really talk).

Rinse and repeat.

This is how actual solo parenting looks like; there is ZERO help. Solo = ONE / MOI.

+ being pregnant
+ being sick
+ demanding job

Would anyone care to swap?


2 thoughts on “:: Life :: Maxed Out

  1. *big big hugs* I feel you. Even on days where I am not solo-parenting, I feel dead tired with 2 kids to manage the round the clock routine and no chance to just zone out and breathe at all.

    Hope you feel better and get well soon!

    p.s. would eating out be slightly easier for 2 days since you don’t need to prep/clean?

  2. I’ve heard about how in the states, people pretty much have their lunch at their desk eeps. Is it true across all industries? Also, I hope that you’re juggling well with the new baby&new job scope!

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