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:: Life :: Abundance

It’s been a week since we have been back from our holiday with life back in full swing; Mr. P and I were swamped with work all week. After 10 days of fresh country air, we are slightly under the weather coming back to city pollution.

Something scary/interesting happened on the work front while I was away. One of my first emails on the Monday that I was away was from my boss asking me to call him (!!); it was barely 7am in NY.

He broke the news that my colleague who manages the flow team has quit and that he tapped me to oversee both teams – exotic and flow.

It’s funny how these career opportunities seem to come when I’m pregnant. Back in 2010, I was three months along with C when I was offered a TA role with the institutional sales and index trading desks. And now this unexpected expansion in job scope; bodes well for my bid for VP next year I guess.

On top of that I have a cannot-fail regulatory exams at the end of June!

2014/2015 is looking very interesting; I’ll be a mother of two with ZERO help and (hopefully) a career in upswing. I guess when life throws me lemons, I juggle!

Here’s to a productive 2014 / 2015.


One thought on “:: Life :: Abundance

  1. Well done babe! To be asked to take over the other role as well with the current one is a big compliment in itself! It is funny how things usually pan out! But I have great confidence that you can juggle the lot after Baby 2! Tough as but do-able.. 🙂

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