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:: Littlest :: Prenatal Care

I am 19 weeks based on my EDD; (could be up to a week further along according to the sonographer who did my nuchal translucency scan) .

I cannot stand my stand the current clinic I am with. Considering I am paying a hell of a lot more than I did in HK, the standard of care and level of courtesy I have received from this place is horrendous. The receptionist are rude and the nurses spends more time gossiping than doing their jobs. I have met 3 of the 4 doctors at the clinic because the person on duty when I go into labour will be delivering my baby (YES YOU CANNOT CHOOSE). One looked and sounded like she was on weeds, the next one I saw for about 30 seconds who did not offer a scan but put a doppler on my belly and then left and finally the last one had the bedside manners of a SKUNK!

I am not a difficult patient and am fairly easy going, very low risk. I would like to think I am a model patient. I don’t question doctors on their judgement, show up early for my appointments and am polite to everyone in the clinic. Argh, I miss Dr. Hon and nurse Cody!

Mr. P suggested that we switch doctors. So yesterday I found myself on the wrong side of town in a basement office of a new obgyn. I was suitably underwhelm as I stood at door to the office, once inside however the difference with my first clinic was stark. The receptionist is friendly, nurses are warm and the obgyn, a real gem.

The only hiccup with switching doctors is that the new obgyn delivers only at Lenox Hill hospital which unfortunately does not have all private post-partum suites. My insurance does not cover private rooms unless of course I am put in there if they ran out of semi-private rooms. This is a nightmare given that C was born in Hotel Matilda Hospital where there is all-day room service dining. It costs USD 500 a night for a private room. I may as well book myself 2 nights at the Peninsula or some other fancy hotel at the price!!

Here’s the dilemma, choose the doctor or choose the hospital (not that NYU Langone is that much better)?


7 thoughts on “:: Littlest :: Prenatal Care

  1. A pleasant nice doctor over a fancy hospital room any day! That is of course if you could afford both, the better.

    I gave birth in a public hospital here in OZ as at that time i didn’t have private health insurance. I also don’t get a particular OBGYN and only saw midwives (many of them as they go by whoever was on duty that day) for my prenatal check-ups but they were brilliant and friendly. I did ended up getting a room with only me and that’s only because I was a C-sec patient (normal v delivery get to share with 3 other mothers). Even having a room all to myself, it was a normal room nothing fancy about it but the midwives and doctors on duty were so fantastic and I was made to feel very special. So yes, definitely a friendly human over a fancy room. lol

    1. I am hoping for another easy birth which would mean a 2 night stay, so I am not too fussed with the hospital. Happy to be checked into a nice hotel down the road if needed! Hah!

  2. If I had to pick between the two, I would choose doctor, but honestly though, NYU is big and has a lot of choices in terms of ob. I think there’s probably an ob you would like that’s affiliated with NYU. Can you ask around for recommendations?

    1. by the way I remember touring the maternity wards in the closest hospitals near me, chose the best hospital, and asked for recommendations of an ob affiliated at that hospital. I asked ppl I know but I found the nurses in the maternity ward to be extremely helpful. check for maternity ward tours including cornell and maybe Columbia if it’s not too far, and ask a nurse there for recommendations.

      1. Thanks for the tip; unfortunately we are slightly over the half way mark, I don’t think I will be looking around anymore 🙂

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