:: Nice Things :: Balenciaga Leather Jacket


I have wanted one for years; way back when I think the RRP was around the USD 2,000 mark (2008 maybe, it is now USD 2,650 + tax). While I know this would be an investment piece, perfect for the HK “winter”, I couldn’t really justify plonking down serious money for an item of clothing. Plus I was terribly distracted with Louboutins and Hermes.

I have probably tried on the jacket 5 times in different cities and never got to pulling the trigger partly because of the epaulettes. They placed unnecessary emphasis on my shoulders (not broad, just nice and straight but still…).

This season, Balenciaga introduced a new version of the classic leather biker – without epaulettes and with a button at the bottom. With E lowering the price on the new biker in black and an additional 15% off, I was sold.

I’m glad I bought it; the leather was so thick and smooshy, reminiscent of some of the best years of balenciaga leather (those who know, Bal has terrible consistency with their leather). I sized up given that I never really liked the bao bah zhang look and that since I’m going to be in the Northeast for a while I need to fit more than a thin tee underneath.

That’s my little present to myself for a hard year’s work. (It was that or a Boy Chanel but since I still have 2 unused bags – Chanel JM and Celine Micro – I reckon I’d get more use out of the jacket).


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